Yoyofficer Quash

Yoyofficer Quash


The Quash is Yoyofficer’s best 40 bucks range model by far. Perfect to be your next weapon of choice for serious competition purposes.

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Quoted from Yoyofficer:

“With our mid-range models Imp and Lava, we wanted to offer mid-sized and light yo-yos, that would be a great fit for many competitive players. Our latest model Quash is designed with the same idea, but offers even higher level of play.

This time, we opted for simple V-shape and larger 45 mm width to provide really generous catch zone. The weight was reduced to 63.7 g to ensure even faster and more agile play. It resulted into light and really fun to play yo-yo, that still can rule on stage.

Comes in 6 different acid washes, all with beadblasted finish and equipped with our grooved 10-ball bearing.”

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