Dan Dietz leaving One Drop

Daniel Dietz

I will be departing from the One Drop Team to start a new partnership with Yomega as their spokesperson and in the future will intern in their office located in Massachusetts and work on development and spreading yo-yoing by doing instructional videos and touring. I wanted to publicly thank both David and Shawn for being amazing sponsors for the last four years and for giving me so much love and support along the way. They took a risk and picked me up before I was a well known player and I think our partnership has been unbelievable throughout it. It has been highlighted by placing at numerous contests, winning the sportsmanship of the year, becoming a state champion and even placing fourth in the nation. I also wanted to thank you guys, the fans who have been amazingly supportive during this whole time. You guys were the ones that helped make the Dietz a popular yo-yo and even YoYoSkills.com yo-yo of the year. I also wanted to publicly thank my teammates for being such great people to talk to and so much fun to hang out with at contests. However, even though I am no longer part of the One Drop Team I am still part of the One Drop family and this change does not mean my views of One Drop have changed. I am just taking advantage of my yo-yo skills to help spread my passion for yo-yoing.

With Love- Daniel Dietz


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