Broken Fingers Yo-Yos

Broken Fingers Yo-Yos LogoBroken Fingers Yo-Yos is an upcoming manufacturer from Russia founded by Igor Kramarskiy, Fyodor Karpenko and Peter Amin. It was founded in 2012 and operated as a yoyo crew for popularize Russian yoyoing. With the aim of making a Russian  brand with products NOT manufactured in China, they teamed up with Paul Yath from Crucial to make their first product called the Birch. The Birch is in the early stages of development right now, meaning that they are still testing it, but a summer release is in plans.

Broken Fingers is also the founder of Broken Fingers SPb YoYo Contest held in Saint Petersburg on July 8th which we happen to sponsor. Definitely take a look on the Broken Fingers Facebook page to find out more about the Birch and the contest!


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