Ryosuke Iwasawa

Ryosuke Iwasawa

Ryosuke Iwasawa

The internet was full of Ryosuke Iwasawa’s yoyoing activity recently. First because of his two brand new and fresh signature models from YoYoRecreation, the fast and furious Fragment and a calm, performance-oriented version of it the Uragment which have the exact same catch-zone area, but different hubs which makes both of the yoyos play completely differently.

YoYoRecreation Fragment - Ryosuke Iwasawa YoYoRecreation Uragment - Ryosuke Iwasawa

He recently opened his own shop in Japan called IrParlor, where he sells many types of his amazing handmade IrPad response pads along with YoYoRecreation yoyos, his signature string the Kitty String 1.5 and yoyo-related apparel with his artwork.

In February he was visiting Budapest for the 2013 EYYC. He wasn’t just sponsoring the contest but also competed and got 6th in the 1A Open division held for international players. After EYYC he attended the East Japan Yo-Yo Contest B-Block what he won giving him a seed for Japan Nationals.

We cant wait what Ryosuke still has in store for us, and will for sure keep an eye on him!


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