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Canadian champion Harrison Lee’s new signature model the CLYW Orca is finally here.

Featuring some cool box art by Japanese artist Yuumi Shiga, the Orca really stands out in the CLYW lineup!

New colors available at 10 pm EST December 15th / Wednesday 2 am GMT.

(2 customer reviews)

The signature return top for Canadian champion Harrison Lee is here! CLYW is really proud of this new model; it’s exactly what Harrison wanted, and it’s a real step forward for CLYW. Fast and floaty on the string but incredibly stable and long spinning, with a shape that is comfortable in the hand…you’re going to love it! Here comes the CLYW Orca!

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2 reviews for CLYW Orca

  1. Hadrien

    Being an old School Player that enjoys strong throws, i was a bit disappointed during the first throws of the yoyo : no feeling of high spin, quite punishing yoyo in term of spin loss, but then i realized this yoyo was supposed to bring together “floaty” and “strong” Feeling, so i started playing it again with a new look to it.
    it took me a few hours to get used to it, the shape was a winner since the beginning, and now i an say Overall it is a pretty good yoyo that is worth having, however i would say because it is the first Version of that design it Needs to grow a bit with the community. and it is a very solid base to start experimenting with this design type.
    It is a yoyo that will bring you a lot of satisfaction, but maybe not take it for competition yet.

  2. reagan

    It is really good.

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