IrPad Pads


IrPad is a handmade silicone pad brand from Japan by Ryosuke Iwasawa. These silicon pads are pink and popular for its long durability, smoothness and tight response. Many of the top competitors choose IrPads for their yoyos especially in Japan.

19 mm – C3yoyodesign, YoYoFactory, YoYoJam yoyos and more…

CLYW – Cliff, Puffin, Chief, Artcic Circle, Summit and more…

One Drop – Cascade, CODE2, Rally, Format:C, Valor and more…

Yoyorecreation (2010) – Draupnir, Laser, Dazzler, Sputnik, Sleipnir, Diffusion 2 and more Yoyorecreation yoyos made after 2010 …

Sold in pairs (2 pieces at a time).



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