Knots Duns Broccoli Sweatshirt

Knots Duns Broccoli Sweatshirt


The new Russian clothing brand Knots is here with their first release! It features a collaboration with yoyo legend Jensen Kimmitt aka Duns Broccoli with two artworks printed on 90% cotton 10% polyester melange fabric using a DTG machine filled with DuPont© ink.

Since Knots is run by yoyo players the sweatshirt features side pockets, one with a little knot for a yoyo to hold when you are on the go.

Knots sweatshirts are manufactured in Moscow, Russia using cotton/polyester fabric. The DuPont© ink prints require gentle care — follow the label instructions to make the print last longer. YoYo not included!

Sold individually due to the size and weight of the Knots clothing boxes. If you want an other one you’ll have to make an other order.

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Knots clothing brand promo video. Watch how you should wear your Knots Duns Broccoli Sweatshirt using the side pocket knot.

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