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One Drop Benchmark 2013

One Drop Benchmark 2013


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In the spirit of creating a Side Effect yoyo with a really low price and the best value possible One Drop brings you a new line of yoyos, the Benchmark.

Sharing the same diameter, width, gap and weight the 2013 Benchmark series offers 3 completily different shapes such as V, H and O as organic. Since they share the same specs it becomes clear that weight distribution plays a big role in how a yoyo feels in your hands.

The new Benchmark series costs only 60$ which is extremely affordable considering you get a Side Effect yoyo, the One Drop quality and you get to choose your favourite shape for your money.

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1 review for One Drop Benchmark 2013

  1. EMA

    Benchmark H

    Awesome throw.
    The H shape allows the weight distribuition maxed to the rim of the yoyo, giving a strong stable long spinnig. In my opinion this yoyo is slightly heavy (i suggest to replace the spikes side effects with ultra light side effects moving the weight of the yoyo from about 67-66g to 66-65g). The wall of the gap is low and allows horizontal tricks being well performed.
    Personally i don’t like the feeling of the stock response pads, indeed i replaced it with red auto-leveling flowable silicone that works very good as the the recess is deep.
    The finish (snowpocalypse) is beautiful, also the matte finish gives a really good look and a great surface for grinds.
    The 10 ball bearing is just amazing, from stock it doesn’t require any kind of cleaning or lubing and let the yoyo spin for a long (very long) time with a little noise and no vibration.

    My overall rewiew is absolutely positive: the yoyo spins for a very long time, no vibration or wobbling even with not-so-good throws. It turns a little while spinning and not playing (obviously this doesn’t affects playability). It works very good in speed combos and also works fine in flowy ones.

    (Fast shipping whit sweets and gedgets)


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