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One Drop VTWO

One Drop VTWO


The One Drop VTWO continues the line of the Vilmos Zoltan Kiss signature series.


The One Drop VTWO by the words of Vilmos Zoltan Kiss:

I am extremely happy and proud of this yo-yo. Longest project I ever worked on, after getting my computer scientist degree.

If you know me you know I am a perfectionist. It’s one of the best traits of a good front-end developer. Dedication to do the absolute best, attention to the smallest detail are a necessity.

These are personality traits I developed as I grew up. They serve me well in my professional life, but can be sometimes annoying on a daily basis. Just ask those who are close to me.

The VTWO and it’s design process reflects me as a person. We started creating it in the summer of 2016. Since then we went through a couple of iterations. Each iteration was the follow up of a visit to the shop in Eugene. I wanted to bring out the best result. Creating a yo-yo through e-mails is not my kind of thing. I believe being able to sit down to the drawing board and talk through the ideas with Shawn is the best and fastest method. Instantly getting feedback of what the hardware is capable for the design you imagined is priceless. The process is much like the same as in software development when the front- and back-end developers work together towards the finished product.

In the VTWO’s case I am the front-end designer. I had the vision for the design elements, a picture of the finished yo-yo with the expected play experience and performance as a player. But the heavy lifting and physics happened on the back-end and wouldn’t have been possible without Shawn’s engineering and machining expertise.

The VTWO on this picture is the first raw of the eventually finalized version. When I first held it in my hands coming right out of the machines the design finally felt complete. Once we got some anodized pieces I tested them for months. Played and carried them around the globe, visiting a couple of countries, yoyo clubs and contests before we decided on production.

After we finalized the design we had much more to do to prepare for the announcement. Each step involved very careful and thorough planning. The box art, teaser and announcement videos, pictures, description and even the sneak peaks the last year. I even took part in the assembly and boxing process before we announced them to the world.

The result is a piece of art that took us two years to realize and I hope that you will appreciate and cherish them as much as I am!

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