Wrap-Up: World YoYo Contest 2014

Rei Iwakura

In 2014 the World YoYo Contest left the USA and moved to  the heart of Europe, Prague, Czech Republic. This means that a plenty of European yoyoers could eventually attend this event, which was a dream come true for many of us – included me who has never been to this enormous contest.

So because the fact I’ve never been to Orlando before, this wrap-up won’t be a comperative report about the good old WYYC and the new, but a fair short brief of the contest itself what was weld between August 21st and 23rd.


The WYYC was held at the Divadlo Archa near to the city center, which was already well-known by plenty of Europeans who were attending the 1st and 2nd EYYC. This place is underground which makes the place bigger than you would imagine standing outside. There’s a huge stage with professional (and I guess quite hot) lightenings, in front of that a big empty space to stand and watch the freestyles, or you could choose to see more from upstairs. There was even a chill out lounge what was my favorite place all over the venue with some very convenient bean bags. Probably the biggest issue was the lack of seats – which can be a huge problem for all of us who are just watching through these three exhausting days. You could find two bars and a coffee place inside the theater but there were lot of possibilities near the venue as well. This venue is a perfect place for a yo-yo event, but in my opinion it’s not big enough for a World’s. It was announced on the last day, that there were 1200 of us at this huge contest, which made me think that in Europe we need a bigger place with more seating.

Time Schedule

The time schedule was available couple of weeks before the starting day. It was a pretty tight one, but none of use was bored not even for a second – the organisers made a very good job on that. I usually get bored at contest with long (1-1,5 hours) breaks, but we didn’t need to suffer from this at the event.


Since this is the World YoYo Contest where every nation can compete against each other, we can’t talk about the „guests” as like other contests. There were more then 20 nations attending from all over the world, representing almost all continents. You could meet up plenty representers from the biggest yoyo producer companies as well, from Duncan through C3yoyodesign to YoYoFactory. Big up to the main organizers: Jan Kordovsky, Ondra Sedivy and Hinori Mii who did an amazing job to prepare and run this contest. I also would like to highlight Steve Brown, who surely was the best decision to be the new marketing manager at CLYW – just search for Yoyonews and you’ll see! Also the judges can not be missed in this lists, because we can’t imagine how big work is judging all these people a way like everybody is more or less satisfied, also because of some new rules. Good job everybody!

Judging System

It was the first time in World YoYo Contest history, that the 1A yoyoers were judged at a WildCard round which basically was a decision if they’re mature enough for this event or not. This new rule was only valid for those who didn’t reach top 10 at their national contests. It is something which was missing since World’s is running in my opinion, because if we think about any other sports’ world championship, they also need to qualify somehow for their biggest event.


I have to admit this was the best contest I’ve ever been – this was bigger, louder, more exciting event than any I was attending in the past 6 years. For me it was also a big issue to see all these „famous” players from overseas – there were plenty of them who we couldn’t see in Europe ever before. I was happy to see such awesome freestyles from all categories. This big community was really united, you could make some new friends as well – the name cards probably helped a bit. At the biggest day, on Saturday during the 1A finals it was like being on a football match – yelling, screaming and even those sound making wooden things: everybody was crazy to see the finalists’ shows.

Norbert Jenei

One of my personal favorite was Norbi Jenei in 4a. Not just because he’s team member at YoYoRaven, but he was really a surprise for all 4a competitors, who made a really clean freestyle with only few mistakes which led him to be the best European at 4a finals. Well done Norbi!

The performance which needs to be shown to everybody in my opinion is the AP of Inmotion, the two guys from Switzerland. They didn’t even need too much yoyoing to amaze us all. It was just perfectly entertaining.

After party

Every contest day there  was an after party held at different places. I only attended at the last, closing one which was quite interesting, because 95% of people were standing/sitting outside of the venue, and also a big trick circle was going on almost all night. It was quite free and amazing to see so many people at an after party. The venue was a great choice but it seems yoyo community doesn’t really into parties with DJ.

All in all

As I already stated this was the best contest I’ve ever been to. Big up to everybody who made it possible! I was a bit sad that it had to be over, and everything went back to normal. To anybody who feels the same, I have only one thing left to say: SEE YOU IN TOKYO!


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